Fire is elemental, it has been significant in cultures throughout the ages. It evokes symbolism, a sense of passion and magic.

From practical fires to huge dramatic flame effect bursts, our fire sfx can help make your event magical.

We have a number of different fire installations available, static effects such as flamebowls, fire bowls and flambeaux and effects that shoot dramatic jets of fire including Illuminarium’s FireFly’s, Firebowls and our freestanding interactive fire installation The Big Tea’se. We also use the versatile Galaxis Gflame projectors which can be utilised in conjunction with our flambeaux creating a classical, breathtaking effect.

croatia flamebar
Boom Town Fair Credit Charlie Raven Lions Den
Boomtown UNILAD Town centre
Gladys wedding car
Green Man - The Ancestor
Highnam court flamb
Shangri La
Shangri Hell 2014
fire sand pit
The Big Tease
Participate kettles
Burn barrel
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