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We work with you to make concepts a practical reality so call us to discuss your requirements.

Illuminarium (aka I-SFX) provide special effects for commercials, television, film and live events. We create custom engineered solutions to practical special effects requirements. As well as creating bespoke special effects we also provide hire and installation services. Illuminarium has an excellent reputation for working collaboratively with producers and prop makers, artists, engineers to create safe and realistic effects, on time and on budget.


Ted Chiswell Jones

Edward (Ted) Chiswell Jones, Managing Director

Ted is the Managing and Technical Director of Illuminarium and oversees our mechanical special effects. Over the past 30 years Ted has had the opportunity to experience health and safety in action across a broad range of industries and situations. From successfully managing pyrotechnic safety at large scale public events, including the Queens Jubilee at Buckingham Palace through to dealing with injuries, caused when Health and Safety hasn’t been properly followed, during his time spent working in the Ambulance Service. These experiences have resulted in a well-developed and rational approach to hazardous situation management and assessment of risk.

Over the past five years he has focused this working practice on TV and Film special effects production, on set and in the workshop. Working mostly on BBC drama productions in the South West of England with Real SFX and Any FX, Illuminarium has also provided SFX for Channel 4, ITV and BBC productions. CV / IMDB

Kat CJ

Kathryn Carey, Marketing, Admin & Finance

Kathryn is the Creative Director at Illuminarium, with Admin, Finance and Marketing. She was the mastermind behind Illuminarium’s first installation – The Big Tea’se and works with Ted on the design applications of effects from a creative and safety perspective.

Kathryn splits her time between Illuminarium and a Bristol architecture firm where she is the Head of Marketing and Heath & Safety Adviser. IOSH Managing Safely qualified, she has day to day responsibility for the implementation of the health and safety policy. She also advises on the implications of CDM 2015 and its responsibilities to designers.She speaks Japanese and worked as a project manager for a Japanese firm on the installation of engineering applications in the UK including a hybrid mass damping system at Heathrow’s T5 control tower. CV / Twitter

Aran Dasan

Aran Dasan, Technical Consultant

Aran has worked with us as a technical consultant since 2010. A freelance inventor, he works with a variety of small companies and artists to help them create impressive feats of technical wizardry for fun, profit or saving the world (and sometimes all three at the same time).

He also is resident at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art, when he teaches Masters students on a course called Innovation Design Engineering. Portfolio / Moodboards / Studio photos / CV

Jake Trow

Jake Trow, SFX Assistant

Jake has worked with us as a freelancer on festivals and TV productions since 2014.


Yo-Naa Olaffson, Trainee Technican

Yo-Naa started working for Illuminarium in 2015 and has worked for Illuminarium in the workshop, at festivals, together on TV productions.


Mido Oldenberg, Rigger

Mido has worked with Illuminarium since 2013 and has worked with us as a freelancer on festivals and tv productions. A gal of many talents, she is a rigger, blacksmith and linguist!