We have a range of equipment available to hire. Dry hire day rates below exclude provision of operators, transportation & insurance.

We also sell a range of consumables including smoke fluid, bubble fluid, blood and slime.

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Smoke Machines

Note we also have other machines available on request including Low Fog units. Please contact us for more information.

Spirit 900

Adjustable output, interior/exterior, uses water based fluid. From £70 pw

Colt 4

Handheld with adjustable output, can be used off power for up to 10 mins, water based fluid. From £45 pw

Artem Smoke Machine


Handheld with adjustable output, exterior use only. Requires gas to operate and can be used in remote locations without power. Oil based smoke. From £65 pw

Flame Projectors


Wood/coal or gas fuel options, various sizes available up to 80cm. From £50 pw

G flame


Interior or exterior flame projectors, extremely versatile effect and fuel options. From £150 pw

Flambeaux torches

Various styles available including custom built. From £80 pw

Fire Installations

Flame bars

From £50 pd not including operators. Dry hire not available. Requires trained operators.


Co2 Jets

Co2 jets with colour changing LED heads (per pair) From £150 pd

Co2 Cylinders (70kgs) to supply above £100 each

Fire Safety Equipment


Water, AFFF & Co2 from £20 pw

Fire blankets

from £20 pw


Burn Barrel

Burn Barrel

Standard burn barrel from £100. Customisation options available. Price on request.

Bubble machine

So many bubbles! Machine runs on mains power. Hire From £20 pw, not including bubble fluid.


We have a variety of fans in stock available to hire. Price on application.

Cobra Firing Desk

Easy to use, reliable wireless firing desk. From £50 per week.

Consumables for Sale


Always in stock, Gerbs/fountains/waterfalls, mines, maroons, confetti, streamers (price upon application)

Bubble fluid

Premium bubble fluid £20. UV Bubble fluid £24. Discounts available for bulk orders.

Smoke fluid

Standard smoke fluid £16. Low Fog/ CO2 simulation / Quick dispersal fluid £25.

Discounts available for bulk orders.

Fake Blood

Dark and arterial fake blood. Price on application.

Discounts available for bulk orders.

SFX Vomit

Black and Green vomit. Price on application.

Discounts available for bulk orders.

SFX Slime & Black Oil

Price on application.

Discounts available for bulk orders.