Illuminarium have provided flame systems all over the UK & Europe for Festivals, events, private parties and clubs. Nothing comes close to the effect of real fire to put a smile on your audiences faces. Our technicians can install fail safe systems capable of monitoring air quality, checking for gas leaks, remotely shutting down or raising the alarm in the event of an unexpected hazard or unseen fire. We make sure your audience stays safe even when the temperature is rising!

Working closely with your local licensing authority and Health & Safety inspectors to draw up bespoke risk assessments and evacuation plans for your venue, so that everyone is on the same page should the worst ever happen.

We have many different fire installations available, static effects such as fire tracing sand pits, flame bars and flambeaux torches as well as projected gas and liquid flame systems that can work in time to music or be incorporated into live action events. Contact us to discuss your latest requirements.

croatia flamebar
Boom Town Fair Credit Charlie Raven Lions Den
Boomtown UNILAD Town centre
Green Man - The Ancestor
Highnam court flamb
Shangri La
fire sand pit
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